Sunday, December 8, 2013





Learning has taken on different meanings to me as a midwife over the years.

I take note that the emphasis is now on maintaining competencies according to prescribed standards of practice and ongoing learning in all professions.


Core midwives work rostered and rotating shifts so one of the challengers of the educator is to ensure that midwives have equal access to the courses provided by the DHB. Lead Maternity Carers who are midwives are required to cover their education day by having another midwife be on call for their  caseload. In some situations this may lead to a loss of earnings for that midwife. It is necessary to have training or learning that can be accessed in different ways by midwives regardless of the hours or place of work. Flexible learning is appropriate for midwives.


At present I offer mostly face to face learning with a pre reading list given to the participants prior to the course. The same study days are run at least 3 times a year so that midwives can attend the course. I offer scenario, online, formal lectures and incidental based learning at present.


If I have organised a study day with presenters from different disciplines participating (which is difficult enough to organise) there usually is only one study day as others are busy with there own departments. Ideally I would love to videotape the presentations and then have them online for midwives to access. Unfortunately with this the midwives are unable to participate in the discussions and from feedback I have gathered that this forms a central learning role.


My goal is to ensure access to education.

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  1. You certainly have some challenges trying to accommodate such diverse schedules. You may wish to explore how to use web conferencing (something like Skype) to facilitate discussions with people who can't attend on the day. I look forward to hearing more.